Radek Sukup

Web developer HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL

Who am I

Welcome to my personal portfolio, my name is Radek Sukup.

I live in the Czech Republic and I graduated Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.

I currently work as web coder in Lapio s.r.o.

Photo of Radek Sukup

About my activity

My primary specialization is to create client-side of web applications. It means e.g. that I am responsible for single layout in all browsers, usability of applications even for the disabled people etc.

People usually want to find information or do some actions quickly and effectively, so it's very important to create usable website.

My secondary specialization is programming server-side of web applications.

I use technologies as are HTML, CSS, JavaScript (AJAX), PHP and MySQL.

My favorite frameworks are jQuery and Nette.

Contact me

There are many ways how you can contact me. Just choose your favorite communication channel and contact me.

You can find my profile on Facebook and on Google+.

If you need to communicate with me via ICQ, first send me an email and afterwards I'll provide you my UIN.

I'm also user of MSN.

For Skype users: radek.sukup

And in the end the old good way of communication - my email: .